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  1. Instructions to change the cursor icon in Mac?
  2. Stop hunting for it. Enlarge your mouse pointer
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  4. How to Make the Mouse Cursor Bigger or Smaller on Your Mac

Instructions to change the cursor icon in Mac?

Step 4: In the dialog box, click on "Display" and it will show the Display options in the right-pane. Step 6: Also, check the shake mouse pointer to locate option. This will make the cursor temporarily larger when you shake the mouse. This method of changing mouse cursor size is useful for Mac OS Below is the method to change mouse cursor size for Mac OS version below Step 1: Click on the Apple Icon to display a drop-down menu.

Then click on "System Preferences" on it.

This will open a dialog box. This will display the mouse options. Step 4: Now, drag the cursor size slide bar to a point which makes the cursor comfortable to see.

Stop hunting for it. Enlarge your mouse pointer

Windows also allow changing the size of the mouse cursor but here you also get color and design scheme options. You can change it according to your choice in the mouse properties. You also get various accessibility options that you can set to find the cursor easily. Want to learn how to change your mouse cursor size and color on Windows computer?

Follow the below steps. Step 2: Then, click on View by on the top right position of the screen and select "Large icons" to change the control panel icon size. Step 3: Click on "Mouse" option and this will open the Mouse properties.

Re: Instructions to change the cursor icon in Mac?

Alternatively, search for the mouse at the start and click on "Mouse" and to open mouse properties. Step 4: In mouse properties, click on "Pointers" tab and click on down arrow under the scheme option. Step 5: This will display the various style schemes for the mouse.

Select the large or extra large cursor scheme that will change both cursor size and style. The one disadvantage with Windows is that it only has a predefined set of cursor size that you can change. Wait, there's more. In OS X El Capitan , Apple added a feature to dynamically resize the cursor temporarily when you have difficulty finding it on your display. With no official name given by Apple for this feature, it's commonly referred to as Shake to Find.

This simple feature helps you locate the cursor on the screen when it's hard to see. Shaking the mouse back and forth or moving your finger on the trackpad to and fro causes the cursor to enlarge temporarily, making it easy to spot on your display. When you stop the shaking motion, the cursor reverts to its original size, as set in the Accessibility preference pane. To activate Shake to Find, place a check mark in the box next to Shake mouse pointer to locate.

How to Make the Mouse Cursor Bigger or Smaller on Your Mac

It's located above the Cursor size slider in the Accessibility preferences pane. With the check box filled in, give the mouse a shake or shake your finger across the trackpad.

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The faster you shake, the larger the cursor becomes. Stop shaking, and the cursor returns to its normal size. A horizontal shake works best for increasing the cursor size. If you're using OS X El Capitan or later, you may find that you don't need to enlarge the cursor at all.


The Shake to Find feature may be all you need. Give it a try; you're bound to find the combination that best suits your needs.

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