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When I tried to redownload it, it doesn't show up in my audio section after restarting my computer following the installation.

I can click soundflowerbed but this just says that soundflower is not installed. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I need it to do a screen download with audio being captured and the only way I know how to do this is by using soundflower. Does anyone know any other programs to use?

Posted on Oct 13, PM.

How to Free Record Screen with Sound on macOS 10.14 Mojave

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You have to download the latest version of Soundflower -- 2. You will have to search the Web for that. Reset it afterwards. It will not be installed in your Applications folder but in Library extensions as a kernel extension. An uninstall script is included in the download.


Oct 13, PM. I just tried searching for that version of Soundflower and I can't find it anywhere. Do you happen to have a link to version 2. You can get it here. Question: Q: can't download soundflower?

shinywhitebox help

What happens. I have to restart, and the result is cero. Capital does not install an unsigned? SSearching in Google is showing no technical, just a provider for downloading. A writer explained, there will be workarounds on the extension to solve the problems. Not the working of the application is the problem but the installation in Capitan which should be made more sure, initiated by Apple.

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Correct, El Capitan was initiated by Apple. Now it is incumbent upon the developer of SoundFlower to make it compatible with El Capitan. Remember: Quicktime from Apple could not record sound until I installed Soundflower. Sound flower is free, Yosemite costs. It is my understanding that when you purchase a Mac the operating system is included as part of the Mac. It is not an extra cost item.

Soundflower | Manoranjan's Tech blog

Where did you purchase your Mac? Mine had made the holy ghost, not made it programmers which need resources for work and money for eating, drinking, for clothes and traffic, and sometimes a roof against rain. Think for the effort a project to establish Yosemite or Capitan costs.

With hundreds of programmers. Do you mean, this pays the mother in law of the senior engineer? Do you really mean this? Who else?

Cent by cent. Question: Q: How to install sound flower?

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