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  1. I'm on a Mac using Safari, where's my download?
  2. How To Change the Default Download Directory in Chrome and Safari for Mac
  3. How to Change Safari's Default File Download Location - dummies
  4. Changing the Default Downloads Folder for Safari on a Mac
  5. How to download files using Safari on a Mac

After that, make sure you are in the General tab. Here you can find an option called File download location. Make sure the download location is correct and accessible by you. If not, you need to change it. In case it is already set to an accessible location, you can change it to something else and check if you can download files or not.

Safari automatically opens the downloaded file via the corresponding app. For example, if you download.

I'm on a Mac using Safari, where's my download?

It does that because of a particular setting. If this option is disabled by you mistakenly, you might think that Safari is not downloading files. That is the reason, why you should verify the option with the help of these steps. At first, open the Safari browser and open the Preferences. If not, change it to default. Apple takes care of the user security very seriously, and as a result, they do not allow Mac users to download apps from third-party sources.

However, this is the default setting, and you can change it if needed.

How To Change the Default Download Directory in Chrome and Safari for Mac

Being said that, if you use the default option, you will not be able to download apps from any third-party source. Therefore, you can use the following steps to allow app download from any website. You need to click the lock icon and enter your password to make any change in this window. After that, select App Store and identified developers option under Allow apps download from option.

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Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Extensions help you enrich the user experience, but sometimes it can cause different problems. If you are using a VPN or any security extension, there is a chance of getting such problem. Therefore, disable all the extensions and check if you can download files or not. By default, the Safari web browser for Mac will download any files to the Downloads folder of the active user account. Most Mac users will likely be satisfied with that, but some may wish to change the file download directory in Safari for Mac OS to another directory.

Likewise, if you have changed the Safari download destination, you may wish to revert back to the default download folder for Safari on the Mac. This tutorial will show you how to change the Safari downloads location in Mac OS. You can change it to any directory or folder you have access to, or you can revert back to the default Safari downloads destination of the user Downloads directory.

Making this adjustment will change where all downloaded files from the Safari web browser go to on the Mac. It will not impact other applications and where they download files. Now all future downloaded files or items from Safari will go to the folder or directory you selected.

For example, if you selected the Desktop, then all Safari downloaded files will appear on the desktop of the Mac. Changing the download destination for Safari only applies to downloads and files going forward, any files downloads before this change was made would appear in the location set prior to any adjustment. Most users are better off keeping all downloads in the Downloads folder of Mac OS for consistency sake, because it makes keeping track of downloaded files particularly easy if all apps are downloading all files into the same location.

How to Change Safari's Default File Download Location - dummies

By default, most Mac apps that are able to download files will use the user Downloads folder as the destination for those files, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, most SFTP apps, and even file transfer features like AirDrop saves files to the Downloads folder by default on MacOS. Of course this applies to Safari, which also happens to be the default web browser on a Mac , but if you use a different web browser then changing the default download location would be different.

You can learn how to change the Chrome downloads folder here , for example. And in case you were wondering, yes this guide applies to both regular Safari, Safari Beta, as well as the Safari Technology Preview builds. Do you have any tips, tricks, suggestions, or thoughts about adjusting where Safari downloads files to on the Mac? Share your experiences or opinions in the comments below!

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Changing the Default Downloads Folder for Safari on a Mac

I then point all browsers to that folder. This way the desktop is clear of multiple downloads. As an IT teacher in a high school, I follow the same process with multiple Mac logins on each machine. This does not keep the kids from redirecting the download, but it works for most.

How to Change Back to the the Default Download Location in Safari on Mac OS

I give the user more freedom than most at the high school level because I want the kids to understand the processes that we incorporate. I have a master image that can be deployed, if too much change has been implemented. I always change the file download location. Whenever I change my system or upgrade hardware resources, I always change the file download location. Your statement is factually inaccurate however, as Safari first debuted 15 years ago. I appreciate feedback on any article I write, but your comment adds nothing to the dialog nor is it even constructive criticism.

This is not a forum for trolls or rudeness. If you continue to post trolling comments your commenting privileges will be permanently removed. I appreciate your great work with this website. All we know that your work is valuable still. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I get your point.

My aim is to keep the discussion helpful, friendly, and relevant, so if commenters stray too much from those objectives then regretfully sometimes action must be taken. Of course, the topics discussed on this site are intentionally broad ranging, from novice to advanced, and I realize not everything will be relevant to everyone. What about double-clicking the download entry in the Download Log list in Safari to initiate the download.

This keeps out any involvement with the Downloads Folder at all….

How to download files using Safari on a Mac

The file is still downloaded, double-clicking the entry in the Download log of Safari just opens it immediately from Safari. But nonetheless the file is downloaded into the Downloads folder via Safari. Open the file, then go look in Downloads folder, it will be there unless you move it.