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Delete a message on your iPhone?

Cannot Send or Receive Messages on Your Mac? Fix - macReports

It's gone on your Mac. Wipe a thread completely from your iPad? You won't see it on any connected devices. Sure beats the old way of doing things. When you actually try to delete a message thread from now on, you'll get a prompt asking "Would you like to delete this conversation?

This conversation will be deleted from all of your devices. When deleting individual texts, you will just get the "Delete Message s " option.

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However, when selecting "Delete All" from inside a thread you are currently editing, it will just ask you to confirm with "Delete Conversation" so there's no warning that it will disappear on other devices too. Messages in iCloud will also save you storage space. Apple removes photos and attachments, as well as older messages from your device, and moves them to the Cloud.

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This frees up your device for other content while making sure all of your information is backed up and safe. The problem is with the "Forever" option on the iPhone.

How to Use Tapback Messages on Mac

I can not upload my conversations from to the iCloud. Don't Miss: Step 1: Update to iOS More Info: Tap and hold on its icon, and then drag it into the right-hand side of the drawer. You can also arrange icons in the Favorites area by dragging them in this manner. Or, slide left on the drawer, tap the More button, tap Edit in the upper-right of the screen, and tap the plus and minus buttons to move apps in and out of Favorites.

How to Clear Stuck Message Icon Counts

The right side of the drawer shows apps that are not in Favorites. For example, you might see apps from Dropbox, Yelp, and Zillow. Using these apps is usually simple, since your choices tend to be extremely limited.

Unsurprisingly, the Dropbox app lets you send a file quickly. With Yelp, you can share any recently viewed location, and Zillow might be perfect for a couple sharing house listings while house hunting. Other interesting apps include Airbnb, which lets you share rental listings; Starbucks, in which you can buy gift cards; and Zappos, which you can use to share catalog entries.

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