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  1. Can't delete file/folder via Mac Finder
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If you are getting a message like this while trying to delete this folder, you will need to turn off System Integrity Protection on your Mac and you should turn in on again after. Here is how you can delete this folder. Now you can delete this folder and then empty trash.

Can't delete file/folder via Mac Finder

After this what you want to do is to re-enable System Integrity Protection which you really should. This is all fine and good, but I want to put those file folders back where they were on my hard drive. It says that I can move them just not back where they were. Well, duh.

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From now on I work out of a folder on my desktop. Everything that was on my desktop, folders, files, photos, are still right where they were and working.

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My hard drive has Applications, Library, System ,Users, and a folder with snapshots. The snapshots folder has two time machine backups that were made during installation.

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It is the same five folders. I do not want everything in the cloud. I do not have a business. I do not want to keep everything in a folder on my desktop.

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How to I change the location? I then dragged Mac HD-Data folder onto the title bar on the right of the line. Your docs are now hierarchical and can be accessed from one folder and at lease it hides all the folders and docs on the desktop into one folder. I am having numerous problems following your Catalina update. Especially frustrating that I cannot either open or delete the Relocated Items file.

Creative Cloud desktop app FAQ

This mysterious file also keeps sticking to my cursor, preventing me from using it, and forcing me to keep restarting my iMac. I had a few issues after installing Catalina. I have recently installed Catalina successfully. I have even reset my password.

I have used a VPN tunnel. I have tried more than 10 times in a row. I have connected to a top speed wifi internet connection. Anthony Bouchard on June 8, Although there are probably many more to add to this list, I use these four apps continuously throughout my workflow. For example the Mail app will make Drafts of emails in the midst of typing them before they are sent to the recipient.

Mini-tutorial: Force-deleting stubborn or problematic files in Mac OS X - CNET

When I get one of these messages, I like to open the Trash to see what file s failed to delete. Then, I try to remember what app s I used the file in recently.

Mac OS X How to Delete Problem Files using the Command Line

If I recall that I just sent the file in Mail, or that I have it open in a file transfer in Skype, I can easily quit one of the aforementioned apps to close any open processes that might be using the file. One of the more convenient ways to quit an app is to right-click on the icon in your Dock, and then choose the Quit option:.

Keep in mind that any open processes, such as file transfers in instant messenger apps, will be cancelled if you delete the source file.