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Once this is done, you simply need to run the Photoshop executable installer, sit back and install much in exactly the same way you would on Windows. Right-click on your desktop and choose Create Launcher. Congratulations, you can now spend hours editing and tweaking photos in Photoshop within Linux. Smart huh? Do you use Ubuntu? Is official support for Photoshop within Linux your wildest dream? Get it all off your chest in the comments below.

Your email address will not be published. Even the name is stupid. I tried it some times and I hated it, so so so amateur Those big reason Maya and Adobe make me stick to Windows. Please restart the machine and try again. The problem with people hating Gimp is because they expect Gimp to work exactly like Photoshop. The problem is with the user here.

Gimp can do pretty much everything what PS does, but the short-cuts are different and certain things have to be done differently. If you are willing to learn, you can save money and have a fine photo editor that natively runs on Linux. Man thanks, I have no experience with photoshop, only a little experience with gimp, and your comment encouraged me to try Gimp, now mainly for web design. Still to this day, Photoshop wins in so many aspects over its competitors. I've worked in each of these jobs and Photoshop assisted me perfectly.

But why does Adobe not just support Linux out of the Box? I can use Linux in each of these jobs listed perfectly! However Adobe Premiere wont work at all but photoshop works fine. Cant get it to work, would it work to copy the directories from windows. Gimp is great, but I cant work without adjustment layers. Man thanks for this! Have anyone tried installing dreamweaver using this method? Nice guide, thank you. C'mon your not using the a trial or a bought version of photoshop cs5. There are several things that give you away.

At the end of the real photoshop cs5 installer, nowhere does it say "Launch Photoshop". In the screenshot of cs5, the panel beside the color panel is blank. It just takes some patience.

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When the new GIMP 2. PS can do everything, with ability to handle publishing needs, but you're stuck with the computer it is licensed on. CYMK support is either non-existent as default install or weak and techie with Separate.

Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX)

Yet GIMP is highly portable, as one can install it anywhere as needed. Most casual graphic editing for non publishing needs GIMP is a valid choice. It is not any less complicated to learn than PS. Yep, and it's not perfect either. It still works, I've used it to edit a couple of photos with Camera RAW and for some screenshots in my recent articles. Finally There's a way to install photoshop CS Yeah I agree. I'm not a fan of GIMP either. The web page said. I even restarted my system couple of time but it didn't help.

Adobe CS5.5 won't install?

Then after a bit of research I was able to install and same fix I am going to provide in this article. I hope it is going to help you. Open Adobe Folder. Once done close all the open explorer windows and initiate set up using installation media or installation folder whatever you have. Hopefully you will be able to see a pop up mentioning Initializing Installer and within few seconds installer will provide you a Welcome screen with preferred installation option.

Photoshop, Lightroom, Mac, and more

Please Go ahead and follow on screen instruction to install the desired application. I have also provided screenshots for the convenience. Please comment if you need further help or want to share something which could help the community. Unknown April 13, at AM. Syed Shah June 30, at AM. Pratap Tirua July 5, at AM.

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Anthony Morano July 14, at AM. Pratap Tirua July 30, at AM. August 1, at AM. Pratap Tirua August 15, at AM. Daniele September 12, at AM. Akis Chalkidikiwtis September 19, at PM. Rakesh October 5, at AM. Ganesh lasure October 5, at PM. Ganesh lasure October 6, at AM. RahUl October 21, at AM. Outcast October 30, at AM. Adonis December 19, at AM. Mpeli Lelima December 30, at AM.

Unknown January 8, at PM. Kedia Chhirag February 14, at PM. Lu Hawk March 4, at AM. Miraj Khan July 6, at PM. Azrraf November 7, at AM. Grim Reaper December 31, at PM. Brown Smith January 22, at AM. Could it be that this does not work for CC — Creative Suite?. Unfortunately it does not work at all. Adobe does not seem to have a solution even for there CC products now and also not in near future. I followed the same for Autocad Any solution? Please help. I tried following the instructions and saved the manifest file to match with Elements exe file, but nothing changed.

I just bought this computer yesterday, but I have to be able to use Elements…. Pretty please?!?! R An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.

Adobe CS6 'Installer failed to initialize' on Windows 7. Help! /

This worked great! Only tried it with Adobe Illustrator CS6 64 bit so far but it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot for this fix! Hi, just want to leave a comment for those who left messages stating they were using CS5 and it was still failing. This process works to a T but only for 64bit, fails under 32bit. However, please know that, as stated earlier, this is not a perfect solution. It basically looks like CS5 under X For those who could not achieve this effect, please see the following work around.. Change your screen resolution to X The Windows operating system is still lagging behind on scaling support, Windows 7 is abysmal, 8 is a bit better, and 10 should be better still.